PET Technologies continues to redesign its blow molding equipment and next to semi-automatic blowing machine UPF-5 a new appearance have got machines APF-6004 and APF-3002.

The design of the machines has become bright and modern, its technical characteristics are excellent as well and output is always on the high level. We have prepared a video to introduce you to redesigned equipment in detail.

Automatic PET bottle blow machine APF-6004 (volume 0.2-2.0l and output 6000 bph) is the perfect choice for producers of any kind of products, from water and CND to vegetable oil and household chemicals.

PET blowing machine APF-3002 is also fits for almost any manufacturing and allows get 1500 bph from one mold cavity.

The unique advantages of both blow molders let to get quality PET bottles with low manufacturing expenses.

Enjoy watching!