TOP-3 beverages 2020: PET Technologies response

With the advent of COVID-19, the question of prevention and protection against the diseases it causes has come to the fore. We could observe a boom in antiseptic sprays, disinfecting gels, antibacterial wipes, and so on. Definitely, in the quarantine and self-isolation times, personal protective equipment is on the top of the popularity but these are not the only products consumers are interested in.

After analyzing trends we have defined the products that popularity is growing day by day. These are excellent candidates to extend your product line and lead your business to the next level. PET Technologies blow molding equipment is a perfect solution for the packaging of these products.

Hard Seltzer

Popularity growth +325% for the last 6 months*.

hard seltzer packaging equipment

Hard Seltzer is a mix of carbonated water and alcohol that typically flavored. The process of its production is very similar to beer production and the difference is that fermenting cane sugar instead of barley. In 2019 this beverage bet sales records in the United States and in 2020 reached Europe. Although hard seltzer is traditionally produced in cans, PET packaging will be an excellent and economically viable choice for its packaging.

Equipment: automatic PET bottle blow machine APF-6004

Mushroom Coffee

Popularity growth +68% for the last 6 months*.

mushroom coffee packaging equipment

The so-called superfoods (products with high nutrients concentration) have been gaining popularity for several years. One of them is a Chaga mushroom which powder can be mixed with coffee. Mushroom coffee suddenly became a real trend. To give it uniqueness, you can use the packaging unusual for such a product, as, for example, FES UKR LLC solution for MacCoffee.

Equipment: semiautomatic PET jar blow molding machine UPF-30B

Celery Juice

Popularity growth +68% for the last 6 months*.

celery juice packaging equipment

It’s a product-newbie among the superfoods that suddenly became a social media hit. A number of manufacturers have already evaluated the possible benefits of its sale and launched its mass production. Mainly celery juice is packed in small 300-500 ml bottles but also we can meet it in bottles up to 1,5 L.

Equipment: series of innovative blow molding machines APF-Max

This is only part of solutions that able to develop your company and business. Explore the market, watch your customers, influencers, and competitors and you will find products that will lead your business to success.

*In the article Exploding Topics data were used